The Historical past and Lore of Catholic Jewellery

Catholic jewellery has a protracted and wealthy historical past. It has taken on many types and plenty of meanings over the millennia. From the hidden meanings of anchors and Ichthys, to the event of the crucifix within the fifth century A.D., Catholic jewellery has performed a big half within the religion of thousands and thousands.

Early Catholic jewellery:

Whereas the cross has at all times been an important Christian image, it was not brazenly used as such till the 4th century A.D. Early Christians feared persecution for his or her religion, and so developed a number of symbols that weren’t simply acknowledged as Catholic jewellery so as to acknowledge one another. The 2 most prevalent of those symbols had been the anchor and the Ichthys. The Ichthys, two intersecting arcs resembling the profile of a fish, was most likely utilized in Catholic jewellery as a reference to Christ as “the fisher of males”. The anchor, or mariners cross, was utilized in Catholic jewellery as an emblem of hope primarily based within the religion in Christ. Through the use of these types of Catholic jewellery early Christians had been in a position to keep away from persecution.

The cross and the crucifix

It was not till the Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity within the 4th century A.D. that the cross turned brazenly and broadly utilized in Catholic jewellery. Greater than fifty variants of the cross would later develop, however the 4 most necessary had been: the Latin cross, a cross with a horizontal bar intersecting an extended vertical bar close to the highest; the Greek cross, a cross with equilateral arms; the Tau cross, a cross within the form of the letter T; and the Saint Andrews cross, a cross formed just like the letter X. The crucifix, a Latin cross with the physique of Christ (corpus) and the inscription INRI or “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” upon it, didn’t change into prevalent in Catholic jewellery till the fifth century A.D. Whereas the Protestant church buildings use a Latin cross left clean to represent the Resurrection, the Catholic Church makes use of the crucifix to represent the sacrifice of Jesus.

Saint medallions:

The custom of carrying Saint medallions is derived from the pagan apply of carrying talismans depicting their gods as a type of safety. The Catholic Church, as an alternative of banning it, embraced this apply, substituting the pagan gods with Catholic saints. Saint medallions are actually one of the widespread types of catholic jewellery. They’re worn as a solution to invoke the safety of a patron saint. Patron Saints embrace: St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals, ecology, and peace; St Patrick, patron saint of Eire and excluded individuals; St. Helena, patron saint of archeologists and converts; St. John Bosco, patron saint of scholars and laborers. Right here is an effective web page to view all kinds of Catholic jewellery.

The place is the most effective place to buy Catholic jewellery:

To get an thought of the totally different kinds and costs which might be out there in Catholic jewellery it’s extra handy to view them on-line earlier than purchasing round at native jewellery shops.

Retail jewelers will generally carry a small choice of Catholic jewellery, however you’re most apt to discover a larger choice on-line. Simply kind “Catholic jewellery ” into an Web search engine like Google or Yahoo and one can find a number of dependable web sites specializing in Catholic jewellery.

The price of Catholic jewellery depends upon many variables. In stable 14K yellow or white gold, crucifixes ought to price about $50 to $300 relying on dimension. Saint medals ought to price between $40 and $200, relying on the scale.

The last word expression of religion:

Catholic jewellery is the final word expression of religion. Whether or not a pendant, cross, crucifix, Ichthys, or anchor, Catholic jewellery at all times has and at all times will proclaim the proud heritage of Christians all over the world.